We, Orpheu

A hundred years ago a group of young men published a journal: Orpheu. Only two numbers were released. It was enough to start the controversy and agitate the Portuguese arts scene, which had been asleep during the aesthetic lines of the 20th century. Orpheu, both a journal and a generation, “was the first modern sign that happened in Portugal”, said José de Almada Negreiros.

The exhibition Nós, os de Orpheu (We, the ones of Orpheu) – heading paraphrased from a Fernando Pessoa's publication in the Sudoeste 3 journal, in 1935 -, outlines the route of the journal and its main characters, often using the own words of the “orphics”.

Through the reproduction of several articles and documents (photographs, press clipping, correspondence, manuscripts, etc.), it is presented the “Nós” that formed Orpheu and the perspectives of reading are widened to all of “Nós” which, after a century, are still trying to find Orpheu. As Pessoa concluded: “Orpheu is finished. Orpheu continues.” Antonio Cardiello, Jerónimo Pizarro, Sílvia Laureano Costa.

The realization of this exhibition looked for an angle that would allow to present the Orpheu journal, and the group that created it, from within, that is, from the contributions of the main characters, both at the historical time of the journal and after words, and from the memories that some of these authors and artists left us.

It is a project originally designed to be itinerant, with the aim of allowing the spirit and words of Orpheu to travel in different platforms. The exhibition will circulate internationally through the Camões Institute network, and simultaneously, at national level, will be available for primary and secondary schools, as well as in municipal libraries.

In association with the exhibition, a book + CD (BOCA editions) is being developed, complementing this expository work and becoming its extension – record and memory – beyond the time of the celebration.

* Scientific Committee: Antonio Cardiello, Jerónimo Pizarro, Sílvia Laureano Costa

* Design: Sílvia Prudêncio:

* Publishing Coordination (book + CD): Oriana Alves (BOCA)

* Partnership: Camões, IP – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

* Contribution: IELT

* Initiative and Coordination: Casa Fernando Pessoa

© Antonio Cardiello © Jerónimo Pizarro © Sílvia Laureano Costa

© Sílvia Prudêncio

© Oriana Alves (BOCA)

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Ana Vasconcelos; Ana Rita Palmeirim; Anabela Almeida; Catarina Almada Negreiros; Francisco de Barros e Vasconcellos Guisado; Graça Melo; Jorge Meireles; Mafalda Ferro; Maria José Almada Negreiros; Marta Soares; Rita Almada Negreiros; Rui Lopo; Rui Sousa; Steffen Dix