The XX Century
Other large public works Projects
he restoration of the eastern part of Lisbon in the run-up to the last great World Exposition of the XX century - EXPO'98 - confirmed both the current relevance of the use of tiles and the continuing Portuguese taste for monumental ceramic coverings.
The immediate use of industrial tiles by Pedro Cabrita Reis (b. 1956) and Pedro Casqueiro (b. 1959) and the sensual presence of the ceramics in the figurative creations of Ilda David (b. 1955) and Fernanda Fragateiro (b. 1962) found an international echo in Ivan Chermaieff's work in the Oceanarium, where he combined a new use of the traditional standard-pattern mass-produced tile with a new technology - computers - to portray large marine animals.

At the end of the display?
However, manual techniques have not been forgotten and we still find young artists who are interested in exploring them. Luís Camacho (b. 1956) draws symbols onto the glazed surface of tiles, while Bela Silva (b. 1966) has rediscovered the narrative and witty Portuguese traditional art of tile painting.
The Ocenarium
(general view),
Ivan Chermayeff,
The Nations Park,
Lisbon, 1998.
photograph: Homem à Máquina
The "Bica do Sapato" Panel,
near Santa Apolónia Station,
Bela Silva, Lisbon, 1999.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
Viaduct on Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa,
Pedro Cabrita Reis, Lisbon, 1998.
photograph: Luís Azevedo
View of the "Projecto das Sombras" Water Garden,
Fernanda Fragateiro, The Nations Park,
Lisbon, 1998.
photograph: Tiago Venâncio
Mural: "Navigatio Sancti Brendanni Abbatis", Ilda David,
The Nations Park, Lisbon, 1998.
photograph: Luís Azevedo
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