The XX Century
The major Lisbon
Underground projects
he Lisbon Underground has been responsible for the use of tiles on a monumental scale since the 1950's and is currently implementing the most extensive projects to once more use tiles in public spaces anywhere in Portugal at the moment. In 1987 it commissioned tiles with which to decorate its new stations from artists such as Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908-1992), Júlio Pomar (b. 1926), Manuel Cargaleiro (b. 1927), Sá Nogueira (b. 1921) and Eduardo Nery (b. 1938).
The stations on the Underground's new lines, which were inaugurated in the years leading up to 1998, are decorated with the work of both earlier artists like Júlio Resende (b. 1917), Querubim Lapa (b. 1925), Menez (1926-1995), Cecília de Sousa (b. 1937), Martins Correia (1910-1999) and Joaquim Rodrigo (1912-1997) and later ones such as Jorge Martins (b. 1940), Costa Pinheiro (b. 1932) and Graça Pereira Coutinho (b. 1944). An international flavour has also been introduced to the Portuguese tile in the shape of the work of Zao-Wo-Ki (1921-1998), Sean Scully (b. 1945) and Hundertwasser (b. 1928).
Laranjeiras Station, Lisbon Underground,
Sá Nogueira, c. 1988.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
Cidade Universitária Station,
Lisbon Underground,
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, c. 1988.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
Lisbon Underground station (Oriente Line),
Jorge Martins, 1998.
photograph: Lisbon
Detail from the Rodrigo Panel,
Oriente Station, 1998.
photograph: Lisbon Underground
Sete-Rios Station, Lisbon Underground,
Júlio Resende, 1995.
photograph: Lisbon Underground
"Fernando Pessoa walking",
Alto dos Mloinhos Station
Júlio Pomar, c. 1989.
Colégio Militar Station, Lisbon Underground,
Manuel Cargaleiro, c. 1989.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
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