The XX Century
Other projects using azulejos
the ceramists
ew proposals from young artists such as Eduardo Nery (b. 1938) continued to pursue the functionalist logic behind the aesthetic upgrading of day-to-day urban spaces - a tendency in which Maria Keil (b. 1914) had constituted a modern reference point since the 1950's. Nery reused tiles as a vehicle with which to create environments updated first by the exploration of pure optical mechanisms and then by that of the meanings of the traditional images used on the tiles of the XVIII century.
João Abel Manta (b. 1928) produced a brief but important set of works on tiles, in which he questioned the possibilities offered by the use of tile coverings on monumental surfaces and recalled the immense figurative panels of the past, dismembered and sometimes replaced on walls.
Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian retaining wall,
Lisbon, João Abel Manta, 1972 · 1982.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
Health Centre,
Eduardo Nery, Mértola, 1981.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
Interior façade of Campo Grande Station,
Lisbon Underground,
Eduardo Nery, 1987 · 1991.
photograph: Paulo Cintra and Laura Castro Caldas
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