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Vitorino Nemésio

He was a teacher at the Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa and a highly reputed essay-writer, but his prestige in our literary history derives more than anything from his Azorean novel Mau Tempo no Canal, 1944, a love story full of family and social meanderings, and from the various books of poetry that served to establish his reputation as one of the great lyrical poets of the twentieth century (O Verbo e a Morte, 1959, Sapateia Açoriana, Andamento Holandês e Outros Poemas, 1976), concerned with the meaning of human existence in the face of the various conflicts on which it is centred: the sacred and the profane, wisdom and ingenuousness, culture and nature, excessive love and the disinterestedness of everyday banality.

The Island of São Miguel, Azores


«The Future Perfect»

My granddaughter explores my teeth.
She combs me like a wool carder.
The land of her experience,
My face amuses her, a dull
Image given to innocence.

And she draws, she pulls
Things from me, amused.
In this way she is transforming me
Into time within her life.

O Verbo e a Morte

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