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Miguel Torga


A general practitioner in Coimbra, he was an extremely fertile polygrapher and a decisive figure in Portuguese culture in the twentieth century, not only in literary, but also in civic terms.

Miguel Torga, Bichos, 
18th edition, Coimbra, 1990

Being rather tangential to contemporary aesthetic and ideological trends, he developed a very personal style in poetry (O Outro Livro de Job, 1936), fiction (with some remarkable anthologies of short stories, e.g. Bichos) and other genres, in which the most notable work is the 16 volumes of his Diário, a masterpiece of Portuguese literature.

Very sensitive to the need to root the human being in his own particular environment, namely in the mountains, he deals with man’s relationship with the world, whether struggling or in harmony with it, in a recognition of the cosmic dimension that also underlines the sacred side of existence.

«Creative Solitude»

She sleeps and dreams by my side
So distant from me
That I feel like an abandoned lover...
Should I wake her up?
The poet is an anguish that is silenced
By singing.

                                            Diário - V

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