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"Homenagem a Magritte" (Homage to Magritte, 1984) 
by José de Guimarães

A polemical label, popularised by philosophical controversies (Lyotard/Habermas), which is frequently pinned on many different kinds of contemporary literature, but is taken seriously from the literary point of view by American groups and authors and has been canonised through countless academic studies and theses defended at universities both in America and Northern Europe.

In Portugal, its possible effects on literature were not only feared, but were also denied and repressed. This can easily be understood from the point of view of the belated democratisation of our society and the long battles waged by writers to obtain the sort of conditions that would permit the free exercise of a much desired modernity.

Whatever the case, the refusal to distinguish between different modes of narration, the taste for rewriting and parody, the seductive appeal of altering and correcting events from the past, the taste for the fantastic, the rejection of axiologies and the tendency towards randomness can all be glimpsed in such different texts as Finisterra, by Carlos de Oliveira, Alexandra Alpha, by José Cardoso Pires, Paixão do Conde de Fróis, by Mário de Carvalho, História do Cerco de Lisboa, by José Saramago, Contos do Mal Errante, by Maria Gabriela Llansol, Os Guarda-Chuvas Cintilantes, by Teolinda Gersão or Olhos Verdes, by Luísa Costa Gomes.


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